We all know that Miami summers are nothing if not hot and sweaty. That’s enough to get you unexcited to leave the comfort of your air-conditioned house or car and get over what’s to offer around town. Here’s the cure: Get out of the city for just one day and you’ll be inspired by the amazing places and vibrant cities surrounding us. Grab your fellow Culture Crusaders and plan a day trip to new areas of South Florida you may not have thought twice about. Here are some of our favorites:



The National Park itself takes up over 1.5 million acres of wetland preserve and hosts one of the highest numbers of exotic plant species in the world. You can get touristy and take air boats or be one with the surrounding nature and tackle any of its almost infinite trails, some are even bike-friendly. Find campsites in case you want to make it a two-day situation, or head back home more connected to Florida in its most natural state.

Distance: 1 hour (depending on specific area).



There’s a deeply artistic scene up in Fort Laudy daudy that we all should make the effort to discover. Wilton Manors houses an enchanting little restaurant row featuring an awesome coffee shop and a selection of equally as authentic culinary concepts, plus an airstream shop and an antique market. Head up for the F.A.T Village art walk on the last Saturday of every month and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Or just rent some bikes and hit the beach, whatever.

Distance: 1 hour.

Miami and The Beaches


Chances are you’ve already been here and Schnelby’s, Knaus Berry Farm, or Robert is Here are probably why. All of those stops are definitely great, but there are even more gems to be discovered here. Go to the Fruit & Spice Park for some quiet and walk among the 37 acres of over 500 varieties of fruit, vegetables, spices & herbs–which you can eat if they’ve already fallen to the ground. Get to Homestead on a Saturday and have some of the most authentic grub at the Mexican Flea Market.

Distance: 1 hour 15 mins – 1.5 hours.

Cushman & Wakefield


Other than hosting some great concerts and a generally quiet atmosphere, West Palm Beach is a great stop for a one day Miami detox. Downtown is filled with small businesses and local eateries, each one more filled with character than the next. The Flagler Museum is pretty epic, but we’re here for the bustling pub and live music scene. Head to Clematis Street for that. There’s Antique Row Art & Design District and enough museums, sculpture gardens and preserves to rival other stops on the list.

Distance: 1.5 hours.



Or any of The Keys, really, but this one is closest which gives you the most time to explore. This small yet colorful town is actually on the rise in case you didn’t know. They boast multiple local breweries, Islamorada Beer Co. being one of our favorites, and the Morada Way art walk which happens every third Thursday of the month. If you’re looking to relax, Anne’s Beach is a hot spot, or check out the breath-taking Moorings.

Distance: 1.5 – 2 hours.



The quiet town just to our North West is no longer just a place for the elderly. There’s a young and emerging culture here filled with passion to get the city back on the map. Hang out at the Pier or take in the fluffy west coast sand at any of its mesmerizing beach parks. Get your art fix in at The Baker Museum with 30,000 square feet of contemporary art or shop local makers at Tin City marketplace 6 days a week. If you really want to escape, check out Ten Thousand Islands. You’re welcome.

Distance: 2.5 hours.

Florida Conservation Voters


This last one might require some early rising, but believe us, it’s definitely worth it. Located in Ocala National Forest, Juniper Springs Recreation Area has some of the most dazzling fresh water springs in the state. All in a subtropical setting, there’s cabins and campgrounds in case you want to make a weekend out of it, or grills and tables if you want to set up shop for the day. Regardless, you’ll definitely have some photo moments here.

Distance: 5 hours.

Cover photo by A Couple Travels the World.