cru·sad·er – /kro͞oˈsādər/ (noun) – a person who campaigns vigorously for change.

This is your new home for all things Miami. The kind of experiences, suggestions, and hidden finds you can’t really Google. Consider us that trustable friend with all the great itineraries who just knows where the good stuff is.

Something’s shifting in Miami and we all can feel it. Whether it’s creative, developmental, or even just energy-driven, our city is growing and we’re all here at a significant time to witness it together. But more importantly, we’re all here at a time where we can actually play a key role in shaping the kind of city we care about–and that’s pretty powerful.

Miami is the multi-sensory, stimulus-overload kind of portal town where hundreds of things are going down every night yet for some odd reason, we’ve been trained to sigh dramatically and say: “nothing happens in this city!” Well if we really felt that way, then we have to dawn the cloak, hop on the horse, and wield the sword of a crusader; one that champions not just change, but the authentic culture that makes Miami unique.

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Being a culture crusader means you are constantly on an exploratory path towards discovery. Discovery of the vibrant city that surrounds you and what lies hidden among the facades that have been built up for us over time. A true culture crusader is always hungry for something new, ready to get into anything, even if it means you have to break out of your neighborhood’s bubble and seems wholly unfamiliar.

If you want shifts in culture to happen, you have to actively go out and get to know the already existing culture that surrounds you. You have to live it, breathe it, and embody it. So much so that when it comes time to actually do something to incite change, you’re completely aware of the current landscape and know exactly where things need fixing, supporting, or restarting altogether.

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A culture crusader knows that in order for things to change and increase in awesomeness, they need to also share their discoveries with the budding crusaders that surround them. Spread the word, take pride in uncovering what makes Miami so wonderful. Culture crusaders inspire that sense of discovery in their friends who eventually find themselves on that same path. The movement starts to build, the knowledge starts to grow, and they’re leading the pack with the whole city thankful for their call–that’s what makes them a culture crusader.

Miami has history. Miami has music. It has art, food, dance, theater, energy, life. Miami has something for everyone no matter how far south, west, or north you may live. Let’s change the identity of our city together and tell the world the real story of Miami. The time is now. We are Culture Crusaders!

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