This past weekend was the inauguration of House of Creatives Music Festival, a two-day event filled with good music and vibes to match. It is always refreshing to see the Miami music scene grow and the addition of a new music festival just adds to the ever-growing and changing scene in South Florida. With a wide spectrum of musical acts, from big names to local Miami Favorites, the festival really brought something new to Miami.


House of Creative, which took place at the North Beach Bandshell, was not like the typical chaotic music festival that we know, like Coachella or Lollapalooza. It was a lot more relaxed and laid-back, probably because of the small venue that hosted the musical affair, and it was a unique change of pace. The crowd was lacking a bit, but it was nice to actually be able to walk around freely and be able to interact more with the acts on stage instead of being squished and suffocated in a crowd. And the fact that everything was on-time was something you don’t see in a music festival.


All of the musical acts put on great shows during their sets at the festival. Some of the acts that stood out during House of Creatives were a mix of the well-known names and also the locals. Hunters of the Alps, Los Walters, XAXO and many more were some of the local favorites that caught the attention of not only me but also attendees enjoying the festival.


The big names who really brought a crowd to their feet, in my opinion, were:

  • Buscabulla: had a beautiful performance that brought their Latino/Puerto Rican flair and funk.
  • The Drums: cool kids playing really cool music.
  • Cold War Kids: an entertaining and fun performance.
  • Empress Of: her voice has an amazing range, it was incredible seeing her live.
  • Crystal Castles: which, according to a lot of fans, was interesting to see with the new female lead


The Flaming Lips, who closed out the two days Saturday night, had one of the most memorable performances of the event. With one of the most elaborate sets I personally have ever seen. LED ropes hanging all over the stage, a large screen behind them with the most colorful presentation, people dressed in inflatable costumes, Wayne Coyne dressed as only lead singer Wayne Coyne would dress and going through the crowd in a hamster ball; you wouldn’t expect anything less from this group and an incredible way to close out the first year of House of Creatives.

Photo by Ana Rojo

Overall, the festival was small and enjoyable and had an incredible line-up that was so diverse that any music-lover could come and find something they could genuinely connect to. I am already wondering what the team behind House of Creatives will be doing next year, we can only wait.