Not too long ago we embarked on the (somewhat confusing) task of breaking down the Northern neighborhoods in Miami’s map. We took a deeper look at North Miami and spotlighted our favorite gems along the streets. From natural escapes to some of the best dishes in town, we’re not surprised the same magic poured into its adjacent plot: North Miami Beach. Although we’ll definitely admit, this one’s a lot more about the food.


For anyone who’s made the drive up to Wilton Manors in the 954, you’ll know the eclectic charm of The Alchemist. Well, the popular coffee shop has a new outpost so a whimsical escape is closer than it appears. Another great way to spend the morning in North Miami Beach is by exploring the luscious and historical Greynolds Park. Although it technically borders the neighborhood, we’re still throwing it in here for fun.

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Every place on this list is relatively perfect anytime of day, but we’re making it easy for you to dissect. Miami Squeeze is a popular mainstay around these parts, mainly because it’s easily one of the freshest, most delicious health food spots in town. A couple of blocks outside of North Miami Beach, we still need to include Etzel Itzik Deli, the homiest Middle eastern outpost serving sizzling goodness in every plate. It doesn’t get more authentic than Laurenzo’s and every local who’s been there knows that the Market is a great way to get lost in the beauty of food. Homemade lasagna all day, every day.

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We all know that nighttime is for the dreamiest of dinners, for which North Miami beach provides quite a few options. Kick it off with the authentic Tatore Ristorante Italiano tucked away near a car wash but home to handmade pastas, oozing desserts, and loud Argentinians sprawling over conversation. Guy & The Tomato (or Lettuce & Tomato) is another one of our absolute favorite spots in Miami. The Latin-Asian fusion is as flavorful as it gets, but don’t let that fool you. Their lattes and other European classics are also on point. For true Asian fare however, we offer two suggestions: Panya Thai for vibrant choices of massive proportions, or King’s Palace for when those Chinese BBQ cravings kick in. As they often do. You’ll note of course that neither have websites which only makes it all the more intriguing.

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For the Magic

For the topper, we give to you one of Miami’s most incredible marvels: the Ancient Spanish Monastery. What is now a popular location for weddings is actually the oldest European-built structure in the Western Hemisphere. The 12th century medieval monastery cloister was brought to the U.S. in 1925 and assembled in the 60s where it now lives today. The overgrown pine forest surrounding it acts as a natural protection to one of the most breathtaking pieces of architecture in town. Highly recommended for all history buffs. Or just for when you’re yearning a bit of an escape.

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Cover Photo by Evan Rich Photography.