We all know Miami’s got its fair share of burroughs and neighborhoods, each one with its own spunk and identity. As promised, we’re helping locals and curious travelers get the lay of the land (no matter how confusing it might be) by highlighting our personal favorite gems. To avoid the whole “North Miami vs. North Miami Beach” confusion, we’ve decided to break them down separately, starting with North Miami. Check out a baker’s dozen of our can’t-miss spots:

Things to Do

Before we dive into the good stuff aka food, we have to shout out the cultural and activity hubs in North Miami. First, we have to talk about Museum of Contemporary Art with its selection of modern exhibits and collection of live music and community programming. Then there’s always a good treasure hunt at Red White & Blue Thrift Store which might not be a hidden gem but is still impressive. And finally of course, Oleta Rive State Park, the largest urban park in Florida and a breath-taking spot for kayaking and other outdoor activities.

Light Bites

Starting the day of exploring off with a good, yet light meal is essential. If you’re planning to head toward MOCA, we suggest Cafe Creme. It’s a NoMi classic. There’s also the always solid Cane A Sucre with their gourmet sandwiches and chill vibes. Tomato & Basil is a mom-and-pop spot you’ll soon return to with its friendly ambiance and great pizzas and salads.

Photo by Hospitality Online


American Finds

North Miami is known for its vibrant selection of cuisines, but we have to start with the staples. Captain Jim’s Seafood Market & Restaurant is a well-kept secret where you can order fresh fish and seafood straight off the boat. Of course there’s Steve’s Pizza which is known throughout the city for its jumbo slices and special sauce. Vega’s Burger Bar is another hidden gem, dishing out some of the most mouth-watering stacks and seasoned fries in Miami. Evio’s Pizza & Grill is one of those sworn places where pizza and grilled goods mix for a selection that’s epically American.

International Faves

We can’t start this list of foreign selections without topping it with our absolute, all-around favorite: Zaika Indian Restaurant. Not only is the staff as friendly as can be (they’ll remember you after one meal), but the food is the best in town. The husband & wife team at Ricky Thai Bistro have been serving homegrown thai favorites for years and it truly is as epic as everyone says. Mimmo’s Mozzarella is one of those charming market & bistros tucked away along an unassuming street where you’ll feel transported to Italy after one bite.

Photo by Miami New Times


And if you’re one of those nitpicky peeps (which we do appreciate) here’s the official markers for North Miami’s borders.

Cover photo by: @miamihelicopter